Features - Scale and Perform

Customer Information

Quick, concise access to complete customer info, work items, communication, financial records, documents, pictures, and recurring contract work. Easily review history, respond to inquiries, communicate, initiate, and delegate to care for clients. Open multiple accounts, service addresses, or work items at once or simultaneously initiate stand-alone activities that later can be attached to customers. Watertight helps you multi-task in the most chaotic day without losing details.

Field Service / Sales

Your personal Watertight phone/tablet App organizes your day. Sales, Quotes, Deliveries, Service Orders, are dispatched to and/or created from your phone. Whether you are canvasing leads, running a delivery route, quoting customers, installing equipment, or counting inventory, Watertight handles special pricing, surcharges, deposits, memorized work points, pictures, and customizable checklists. Get customer acceptance, process payments in the field, and email quotes and receipts.

GeoMap Optimization / Tracking

Watertight analyzes your delivery/sales/service work and drive time, and suggests each day’s schedule for maximum efficiency. GPS track each field person, and email/text ETA notifications to customers. Respond to emergency calls with a clear current picture of exactly who, what, and where are the people/trucks available to assist.


Point-of-Sale for walk-in repeat customers and also anonomous traffic. Barcode speed for common products and special events. Discounts, Promotions, Deposits and Pre-paid products are more effective because of joint access to common data from retail / delivery / service. "Over the counter" Credit Card and ACH payments can mix with charge "on-account" orders. Print receipts, or have them emailed to your customers. Complete retail integration with CRM, Service, and Web Order system allows partial payments and/or usage of vaulted payment methods on file.

Mass Route Optimization

Automatically organize delivery routes by territories, weeks, and days. Watertight applies powerful multi-factor optimization algorithms (usage/frequencies/location/capacity) to thousands of customers within minutes to reorganize your delivery system most efficiently. Going forward, every day routes are optimized to consider special deliveries, and drivers are guided and tracked using GPS technology.

Document Management (Paperless)

Watertight seamlessly archives your customers’ documents directly by account and work item. Documents are easily accessible connected to your billing and service records. Pictures taken through the App are automatically stored and connected to related historical work. Documents scanned at any workstation are similarly automatically connected to open work.

Recurring Service

Plan and schedule months and years in advance for service contract work. Repeat work with alternating options for periodic component service. Regularly notify customers via email, text, postcard, and automatic phone call reminder. Maximize recurring service revenue from existing customers. Project inventory supply needs and revenue in advance.

Rentals & Leases

Bill customers consistently and quickly for their preferred period (monthly, quarterly, arrears, advance, etc.). Report every rental added or removed. Automatically manage rates according to groups and plans. Automatic promotion timeframes, lease terms, renewals and buyouts. Manage move-outs and seasonal customers. Rate increase wizard. Track serial numbers: installs, swaps, replacements, repairs, and removals. Measure service/repair costs by unit.

Payments / Banking

Make it easy for your customers to pay whether retail, in the field, online, automatic charge/withdrawal, EFT, lockbox, or through the mail. Retail cash-drawer count-in / count-out. Maintain accountability all along the way by assigning batches and/or individual payments to deposits and reconciling them. PCI compliant credit-card vaulting allows cards on file to be used across retail, field service, web, autopay, and telephone sales. Detailed cash management system for deposited/undeposited funds tracking keeps your bank account clean and constantly reconciled.

Sales / Marketing

Layer prospecting / marketing projects underneath actual lead generation/collection (canvasing, call-in, online) activity and funnel results through customized stages giving you dashboard control over leads flowing through app calendars for each sales person. This is all visible on master calendar dispatch and dashboard views with drill-down control for reporting. Mine existing data to create new leads, or use the field app to search nearby customers / prospects on the app for on-the-fly opportunities. Quote, Close, Collect, and Schedule Install all through one interface.


Watertight helps your team grow and evolve with detailed Usage Policies that make feature sets and power tools available to the right people as they need them. You can assign personnel to one or more distinct companies or sales locations (branches) within your company. Watertight has the unique ability to have dispatch groups (including App Users) that can mix work on the same schedule from entirely different companies (different pricing, products, and accounting rules).

Purchasing / Receiving

Purchase products from multiple ranked vendors, and in bulk or with disassembled kits. Establish minimum stock levels. Ship to multiple warehouses or customer sites. Multi-currency purchasing converts to local cost. Three-way packing slip / purchase order / bill matching process helps control accrued received products liability.

Billing / Financing / Collections

Watertight can configure sub-groups of customers (brands or local franchises for example) to be billed in distinct fashion even though they consolidate under one company "umbrella". Billing, and collection methods automatically kick in: autopay, statement, invoice (print/email), online payments, COD Delivery/Service, etc. You configure appropriate statement timeframes, finance charge and aging rules. Customer Purchase Orders can span service addresses over multiple business groups and finance contracts can automatically defer receivables charging interest with automatic buyouts. Manage AR collection with live conversation threads, scheduled contacts, and payment promises that trigger followup when necessary. Speed up communications with customers using email/text templates.


Watertight has a robust field commission/bonus system for delivery/service workers. Daily field work is automatically connected to time sheets and calculations include options for specials and no-charge deliveries. Watertight also has a profile driven sales quote/order commission calculation system which includes deductions, multi-system discounts, required charges, and special adjustments. Commissions are verified by managers and can be partially paid over multiple time-sheets. These two systems work together for personnel who wear multiple hats, and they use detailed profiles which can be per employee or shared for easy management. Detailed reports are a permanent part of time sheet history.


Warehouse, truck, and showroom inventory. Assembled items, and just-in-time kits as well as bundles and flat-rate pricing. Options for FIFO, standard cost/purchasing variance, and expensed items. Location row/bin defaults. Allocate individual serial numbers and manage rental float. Automatic markup/margin rules and location/client type pricing plans. Scaleable multi-warehouse physical inventory process includes count sheets, export/import spreadsheet options for convenience, and local pre-adjustment variance reporting. Warehouse transfers track shipped and received (in-transit option).

Sub-Ledger Control

Just like billing methods can cut across or span business groups and customers, so can profit centers. Departments/Classes can be assigned by business location, customer groups, and/or service channels. Revenue and COGS classes are automatically tagged to transactions. Accounting period (open/closed) control is granular, sales-tax data automatically updates, and permanent sub-ledger history detail is maintained for Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Earned/Advance billed income, Cash, Undeposited funds, and Received product clearing (accrued liability). Journal entries are produced for tight integration with parent accounting systems (which can be automated).


Mass-qty manufacturing using cascading bill-of-material with sub-kits allowed. Sub-assembled components or sourced from bulk-purchased (spools, rolls, etc.). Custom (for customer) build orders with exception (component addition/subtraction) highlighting. Swappable components (faucets, tanks, etc.)

Business Units

Watertight can manage business units as distinct companies, locations (with sub-locations), or work channels. Rules for profit centers, franchise reports, and accounting requirements are configured to not disrupt workers or customers, or cause extra work to meet reporting needs. Front-line workers go about work as normal without worrying about selecting specific codes or categories to produce the desired accounting result. Flexible security opens the door to combined dispatch.

Grow Together


Give your customers slick online ability to order, schedule, and communicate with your team. Simultaneously increase satisfaction, and lower your communication costs. Unleash growth by making your customers a part of your team managing work and automating payments.


Quickly fill open spots for salesmen, service workers, or delivery drivers. Everyone has a clear and focused schedule, and there is no worry of missed tasks or double booking. Integrated mapping and GPS tools help you see where people are and respond most quickly and efficiently.


Automate text messages and emails for sales, scheduling, statements, invoices, purchasing, and collections. Target specific groups with a few clicks using our powerful role / template / macro system. Relevant communication threads keep you in the loop. Plan next steps and track follow-up.


Share and process data with other systems like Shopify, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Sage, EDI platforms, etc.


Utilize Cloud Services, Bulk mail vendors, VOIP calling, Bulk Robo-call, PCI compliant card vaulting, Collection Agency services, Bank Lockbox payment management, Automatic Vendor Inventory SKU / cost Updates, Sales Lead Import, and Data Import / Acquisition Support

Measure and Improve

Dashboard & Reports

Watertight Dashboards paint the big picture from the smallest details of your business. You can easily analyze sales, deposits, receivables, route analytics, service & production performance, finance & collections, rental base growth, and much much more. Drill down for automatic report generation. Export to Spreadsheets for pivot tables and more.

Actions & Accountability

Use Watertight dashboards and live reports as a springboard to communicate to customers, and team members. Memorize customized reports as live action lists. Use group actions to generate activities (like leads, collection calls, service follow-up, etc.). Every action and change is logged (date/time and user stamped) giving you amazing, global team accountability and unparalleled ability to run comparison reporting over time.

Metrics and Triggers

Build a system based on performance benchmarks, not just accounting benchmarks. Since you are tracking workflow then even "small" things like missed deliveries, broken payment promises, and daily truck inventory variances can be tied to resposive actions that make you more excellent and improve the bottom line.